This is my own little quiet corner of the internet, in which I hope to host brief chats with some of the most interesting people I have ever met, and through them I hope to meet some new ones, too!

"Clockwork Flowers" a 3D art piece I created a few years back. Here because it reminds me that beautiful minds hum and tick along like the gears in a clockwork...

Writers, editors, publishers, artists, musicians...you never know who might turn up here for a visit. The key is, though, that I won't be talking to them about their work in progress, or their newest work out, or even, specifically, what kind of work they do.

Other than mentioning their artistic path at the outset in their description, my aim is to find out what makes them tick; what makes them interesting and unique. Because I have found that the more interesting and unique a person is, the more fascinating their work turns out to be as well.

So grab a seat and your favorite beverage (I'll be drinking coffee, thank you...) and I hope you will enjoy your visit here.

Warm Regards,