Thursday, September 25, 2014

Conversation 13: Craig Hart

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Clockwork Conversations.

I'm your host, February Grace, and today it is my honor and privilege to have a great chat with a man I both respect and admire: Publisher/Author/Editor Craig Hart.

On a personal note: I will be eternally grateful to Mr. Hart, because he was the first editor/publisher to ever publish my work: in The Rusty Nail literary magazine's inaugural issue, March 2012.

TRN Issue #1 Cover design: Paul Brand

I was lucky enough to have additional prose and poetry (even a painting!) appear in the magazine in later issues as well...there is even an issue in which I was the featured author! I will never, ever forget that. Especially the cover...which just meant the world to me...

July 2012 Issue of TRN: Cover design: Paul Brand (A clockwork heart, in honor of GODSPEED...)

I will always remember and appreciate that it was Craig Hart who gave me my start as a published author, and was also such a huge support to me when I first indie published GODSPEED... and beyond. Without that encouragement I don't think I would be a published novelist today. So, thank you, Craig!

But enough about me, let's find out more about our guest!


Craig A. Hart is a writer, editor, father of twins (due in January), lover of the arts, only human. He lives in northern Illinois with his wife Kimberly in a house owned by their cats, Gracie and Bean.


Q1: Name something you have achieved of which you are especially proud.

CH: That would probably be The Rusty Nail literary magazine, just because we've managed to publish so many new authors. That has been the highlight of the experience.

Q2: What advice do you wish someone had given you when you were in your teens?

CH: I wish someone had said to me, "What you are told isn't necessarily so and what you know might be wrong. Always find different ways to look at life." And if they had said it, I wish I would have understood what they meant.

Q3: What would your dream home look like?

CH: I don't really have a vision for a dream home. What I would love to have is a little writing nook, like a studio apartment, in certain areas around the world that I could visit on a whim. Pipe dream, yes, but this is my answer!

Q4: You have what may be the world's most adorable cat (next to mine, of course). How did Bean come into your life? (bonus photo of Bean totally encouraged here and/or Bean related anecdotes LOL)


CH: We saw Bean when we took our older cat to the vet for her regular check-up. Bean was sitting in a cage in the waiting room, looking pitiful and asking to be adopted. So we did. Bean is still a kitten at heart and, as such, is into everything. His current annoying behavior is to try to drink out of water glasses. I recently had a glass of water sitting next to me on the floor and Bean ambled over for a drink. I told him no and pushed him away. He pretended as if he was going to walk away, then suddenly turned back, ran at the glass, stuck his paw into it, and then galloped off looking extremely pleased with himself.

Q5: *bonus question for everyone* Do you collect anything? If so, what/why?

CH: I collect various things, but more recently I've been collecting fedoras. I love the classic look and am of the opinion that too few people wear hats these days.


That is an opinion I whole-heartily share, my good man! I wear a hat every chance I get (see photo evidence above on my Blogger profile photo.) We need that bit of elegance and sophistication to return to the world! Let's start a hat wearing revolution! :~)

Thank you again, so much, for being my guest today.

You can all learn more about Craig Hart (and the many hats he wears, figuratively and literally) as well as all the info you need about how to find him on FB, Twitter, etc. by visiting his website:

See you all next week!