Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Conversation 3: Rev. Judith Laxer

Hello, everyone!

Today my guest is author Judith Laxer.

Greetings, Judith, and welcome.

Let's dive right in by taking a look at your bio!


Rev. Judith Laxer is a modern-day mystic who believes that humor, beauty and the wonders of nature make life worth living. She is the founding Priestess of Gaia’s Temple, an inclusive, Earth-based Ministry where she has written and delivered monthly worship services since 2000. She provides psychic readings, spiritual counseling, hypnotherapy and Shamanic Healing in her private practice in Seattle, Wa.

Her book Along the Wheel of Time: Sacred Stories for Nature Lovers was published by Booktrope in June 2014.

Other published writing includes Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women, the Medulla Review, and SpindleWeed, Witches and Pagans, and Living in Season magazines. A keynote speaker and teacher of the Mysteries, Judith has presented classes and workshops on the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine at conferences nationally. 

Q1: Do you prefer waking up early, or staying up late?

JL: I am a night owl, not an early bird. I’ve always been this way. As a child, I never wanted to go to bed and in the morning I never wanted to get up. Later in life, in my former profession as a performing artist, the curtain goes up and you must hit your energetic peak at 8 p.m., so being oriented to the evening hours was easy for me. Now, as a Priestess and writer, I still spend more time with the moon and stars than I do with the sun.

Q2: Do you have an animal companions in your life?

JL: Both my cats are gone now. They are buried in my garden, their graves covered with primrose and forget-me-nots and Self Heal. These days the animal companions I engage with are my Power Animals when I do Shamanic healings in my private practice. They are Lion, Snake, Owl and Black Wolf. Although these relationships occur ‘between the worlds’ they are no less real to me than when Wanda and Nicola hunkered down on my lap or in bed with me at the end of the day. 

Q3: What is (to date) the most beautiful sight you've ever seen?

JL: That’s a hard one because life is amazing and nature is magnificent and my eyes have beheld such beauty in this lifetime. I could say it was that sunset in Greece watching the ball of fire sink into the Mediterranean, I could say it’s the purple string bean hanging from her vine in my garden right now, I could say it was the last full moon in the inky black sky. But perhaps the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen was Lake Louise in Banff, Canada. Her waters are turquoise from the minerals and she is tucked in and surrounded by majestic mountains that continue back as far as your eye can see. I instantly wept at the sight and will remember it until I die. And probably even after that!

Q4: If you could go back and relive one happy day of your life, what day would that be?

JL: I feel blessed to have had much happiness in my life and there are many days that stand out as stellar. Most recently, the one in which I walked the Labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral in France.  But I wouldn’t go back to any of them. I feel better about myself the older I get and I wouldn’t go back in time. I like to remember those fantastic times and in doing so they still bring me great happiness. But these days I am trying to stay as present in each moment as I can. And I find this practice is creating more blissful days.

Q5: *bonus question for everyone* Do you collect anything? If so, why?

JL: I am a nature lover. Since I was a kid I have always collected rocks. I have rocks from all over the planet, in every size, shape and color. Baskets of them at my office, in my home, and many strategically placed in my garden.
Nature is always changing. The life cycle is beautiful and reminds us how temporal life truly is. I think I collect rocks because they seem more permanent. I know the rocks I have collected will be here long after I am gone. For some reason this soothes my soul. Not to mention they are so pretty!


What fascinating answers! Thank you for visiting with us today, Judith.

You can learn more about Rev. Judith Laxer by visiting her at her website: www.judithlaxer.com

See you all on Thursday, when my guest will be...we'll find out LOL!