Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Conversation 23: Lauren Greene

Hello everyone and welcome back to Clockwork Conversations!

When this is posted, I will likely still be recovering from recent health events; but I am glad that I was able to schedule this interview in advance!

Welcome to author Lauren Greene! 

Here is a little bit about her to get us started:

Who is Lauren Greene? She’s a writer, a mother, a love of Tae Kwon Do and working out. Lauren Greene has been writing since she was a child. Her old notebooks are filled with stories about the Civil War, boy triplets, and death and despair.  Recently, Lauren Greene self-published “No Turning Back,” a contemporary women’s fiction novel.  Currently, Lauren is working with Booktrope and readying “The Devil Within” for publication, a Southern Literature novel about love, loss and abuse. Besides writing, Lauren also works a day job as an executive assistant at a bank. She shuffles three kids around to various activities, does minimal housework, and leaves the cooking up to her husband—who does a fine job at it!

Lauren grew up in Alabama, but left for college and swore she would never come back. She attended American University in Washington D.C., where she received a bachelor’s in International Relations and enjoyed a study abroad trip to Buenos Aires. Over the last year, Lauren has concentrated more and more on her writing, and she hopes at some point to be able to write full time (Shh—don’t tell her boss)!

Q1: You are a mom who has another job outside the home, in addition to your writing career. (I say 'another' because as we all know, being a mom IS a full time job already!) Do you keep a tight, set schedule, or do you have some other secret to your success in fitting everything into your days?

LG: I keep a tight set schedule. I wake up every morning at 5 AM, and I dedicate an hour and a half to writing, no matter what. I also have a husband who takes up a lot of slack in the skills I lack, i.e., cooking and cleaning. I find setting mini-goals helps me achieve my writing goals, plus just having a set established routine.

Q2: Given the choice, would you rather attend a masquerade ball, a New Year's Eve party, or a wedding? Why?

LG: A New Year’s Eve Party. I love New Year’s, the ringing in of something new. A time to look back on what you did during the year, changes you want to make, and looking forward to what is in store for next year. I attend a big New Year’s Eve party every year, and I love being surrounded by friends and family, staying up late and just having a great time! So much fun.

Q3: Do you have a favorite theme park/amusement park ride?

LG: I’m not a huge theme park fan. I think this stems from my extreme fear of heights, but I have fond memories of “It’s A Small World,” in Disney World.

Q4: What is one thing about you that you wish everyone knew and understood?

LG: Hard question.

Hard work gets you to where you want to go. For years, I dreamed about being an author, but I didn’t do anything about it. I realized a few years ago, if I wanted to be an author then I had to write.  Setting goals and making your dream a priority is how you achieve success. I don’t think enough people know this. It’s all about self-determination and discipline.

Q5: *bonus question for everyone* Do you collect anything? If so, why?

LG: I have all my old letters from the past in a box. I love to pull them out and read, especially the ones from my grandparents who have since passed away. I don’t collect anything else, in the traditional sense.

You can learn more about Lauren and her writing by visiting her website at:

Thank you, Lauren, for being my guest today! See you all next time.