Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Conversation 16: Author Della Connor

Hi all, happy Wednesday!

Today's Clockwork Conversation is with author and educator Della Connor!

Welcome, Della! Please tell us a little about yourself.

DC: By day, I am an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, but at night I become a weirdly possessed writer who writes fantasy young adult books! I guess I am some kind of an anomaly. My daytime life is so different from my creative evening life. Somehow, it works for me.

Q1: Are you a 'dog person', 'cat person', both, or neither?

DC: I would say both. I have had cats and dogs most of my life. I like cats because they don't require a whole lot. They are automatous little creatures who like to do things their way! Dogs on the other hand are more social and require more care especially when you are out of town. That being said, I like to walk dogs and I haven't had a cat I could walk. LOL

Q2: Would you ever want to try zip lining? Why or why not?

DC: I have been zip lining and it was AWESOME! I want to do it again and again. For anyone who hasn't tried it, it is amazing and it feels like flying like a bird, or what I imagine flying like a bird feels like.

Q3: Let's say that you can have afternoon tea with any three ladies, now living or who have ever lived (no fictional characters though!) Name them. Where would you dine?

DC: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the unsinkable Molly Brown. Can you imagine the stories these women could tell? Laura Ingalls Wilder lived through the taming of the Wild West. Eleanor Roosevelt, World War II and the Great Depression, Molly Brown, the sinking of the Titanic. They were all women who spoke their minds and told their stories in eras where women just didn't do that. Let's dine at The White House. I've always wanted to have a meal or even tea there.

Q4: Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? If so, is there any story related to them?

DC: I could never pick a favorite pair of shoes. I have way, way too many! My family makes fun of my shoe fetish. I have every sort of shoe imaginable and I love each one of them. When I travel I usually buy a piece of jewelry and a pair of shoes and when I wear them they remind of the wonderful time I had.

Q5: *bonus question for everyone* Do you collect anything? If so, why?

DC: I used to collect chickens: figurines and anything else chicken. I stopped when I ran out of room in my kitchen. I don't even know why I liked to collect them, because I really dislike live chickens. I grew up on a farm with chickens and my least favorite chores were collecting eggs and cleaning out the chicken house. In fact, I put chickens in my book and described how they will peck another chicken to death if they find something wrong with it. Does seem kind of ironic that I like chicken decorations. Maybe I need counseling. LOL

Thank you, Della, for being my guest today!

You can learn more about Della Connor by visiting her website:

See you all next week!