Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Conversation 15: Author Shelley Sly

Hi all, and welcome back to Clockwork Conversations!

Before we get started with our most excellent guest today, I wanted to let you all know that I will only be posting one interview per week now (on Wednesdays) in order to allow me time to work on my own projects. So be sure to stop every week for a glimpse into the fascinating minds of those in the writing community!

I am thrilled to introduce you today to the wonderful Shelley Sly! 

Welcome, Shelley! Please tell us a little about yourself.

SS: I write middle grade novels, own a very small business, and work part time at an elementary school. I'm also a proud rescue dog owner. When I'm not working or spending time with my family and dog, I'm discovering new indie bands or getting annoyed at whatever video game I'm currently playing. I'm a nerd for life!

Q1: Did you have a favorite hideout when you were little? A clubhouse, a blanket fort, something of the sort? If not, where was your favorite place to be when you were a kid?

SS: As an introvert, I've always treasured my alone time and often hung out in my room, but I had a few favorite places within my room. One of those places was my closet. When I was around nine or ten, I had this silly idea of making my walk-in closet into a second room. So I brought some pillows, some stuffed animals, a CD player, and a bunch of other stuff into this closet to try and make it feel like home. Was I quirky or what? Another favorite place in my room was a window seat I'd created by pushing a big rubber box against my window and piling blankets on top of the box. I remember writing stories while sitting there.

Q2: You are one of the kindest, most sincere people that I have ever had the privilege of getting to know: online or off! I just had to say that. Now, please tell me something about you (that you would like to share) that I don't know. A goal you have, something fun you've done, anything you like... 

SS: (Aww, you are the best! Thank you!) I can't remember if I've shared this before, but it's not something I immediately tell people when I meet them: I used to be an award-winning cosplayer. When my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were in college, we used to dress up as video game characters and go to conventions. We've won a few awards for our acting skills, and one award for our costumes (that my grandmother sewed for us.) We've since grown out of this hobby, but it was so much fun back in the day!

Q3: Which would you say had greater influence on your growing up: someone in your 'real life' or the books that you read/music that you listened to?

SS: Interesting question! I think it's a combination of both. While my family and friends played a significant role, I've always been connected to books and music. Even when I was a kid, I felt like I actually knew the characters from my favorite books, and many times, whatever the characters were doing, I wanted to do, too. (I went through an embarrassing detective phase after reading a lot of mystery books.) So I think I figured out who I was by considering and trying the things I'd heard about in fiction, in addition to taking advice from the people around me.

Q4: If you could make a wish and make one fictional character real, who would you choose?
 SS: This is tough! While I can think of some handsome and attractive faces I'd like to see, (your very own Quinn Godspeed comes to mind!), I am happily married and would rather wish for a best friend-like character instead of a lover-like one. ;) So, I'm going to go with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It might sound like a simple answer, but I've always identified with her so much and I think we'd get along well. Everyone might think she's odd, but I wouldn't gossip about her like the people in her village do. Oh, but she'd be required to share her massive library in the castle with me. That's not a request.

Q5: *bonus question for everyone* Do you collect anything? If so, why?

SS: I collect a variety of things. I guess my biggest collection is concert ticket stubs. I keep them in a photo album with pictures from each concert I've attended. It's nice to flip through the album and relive all those amazing memories. I also collect anything that has a squirrel on it (particularly kitchen items, like a cookie jar, dish towels, napkin holder, etc.) and if you look in my closet, you'd probably guess that I collect plaid button down shirts. But really, I just have no sense of style. ;)

Thank you so much for having me, Bru!

Thank you, Shelley, for being such an amazing guest!

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See you all next week!